Having mounted successful photography exhibitions in galleries and museums worldwide, Eric Klemm’s new body of work finds him dissolving a lifetime of art practice in order to rebuild it as he goes. His latest series of paintings are ideas of art at play with themselves, canvasses depicting a serial exploration of form and colour’s potential. The paintings work from an abstract structural starting point from which bands of colour seek their sense of balance as a composition. Within this framework, Klemm is able to address the question of abstraction autonomously, rather than contend with the question of representing reality.

At first glance, Klemm’s paintings register the hard edged abstract minimalism of Josef Albers or Frank Stella. The surfaces of his paintings, conveying a bold flatness of colour and simplicity of shape, are a nod to the modernist trajectory of abstract painting as a whole. Klemm’s summations and elaborations on that history carry forward this persistent visual language that continues to sustain painting today as a medium of immediacy, playfulness and possibility.

Eric Klemm is an accomplished artist whose work can be found in many museums and private collections. Klemm was born in Wadern, a small German town near the French border. He attended art school in Trier, Germany where he studied graphic design, photography, and painting. Throughout his artistic career, Klemm has held over 30 solo exhibitions and participated in countless group shows in Canada, the United States, and Europe. He has received numerous awards for his work and published six coffee table books. Klemm now lives and works near Vancouver, British Columbia.


Balance Act

Acrylic on canvas
48″ x 36″


Deep Ocean

Arylic on canvas
48″ x 36″


Triangle Checkout

Acrylic on canvas
48″ x 36″


Nominee in Fine Art, 5th Annual Photography Masters Cup (International Colour Awards) Awarded in
recognition of Exceptional Achievement (2012)
Book “Silent Warriors”, awarded an Honorable Mention, PX3, Prix de la Photographie,
Paris, France (2010)
International Book Awards, “Silent Warriors” – Honored as Finalist in the “People” category (2010)
Gala Awards, Silver Award Portrait & People (2010)
The Worldwide Annual Pollux Awards, 1st prize in Landscape-Portfolio, book project:
“Italian Journey” (2010)
International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention for the “Memories” series (2009)
Nominee in the category People at the 2nd Annual Photography Masters Cup (2008)
International Photography Awards/Lucie, Honorable Mention for book “Florabundance” (2008)
Prix de la Photographie Paris, PX3, 1st price category Portrait / Culture (2007)
International Photography Awards / Lucie Awards, Los Angeles, California (2007)
Honorable Mentions in the categories: People / Portrait, Culture / Portrait (2007)
Portrait of Linda has been selected for exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London, GB (2007)
Prix de la Photographie Paris, PX3, – 3rd prize in Fine Art / Professional category for “Shavings”
project (2007)
Honorable Mentions for the images: “Walking Man, Iris, and Black Christ” (2007)
International Photography Awards / Lucie Awards, Los Angeles, California (2006)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 Abstract Paintings, Fort Gallery, Fort Langley, BC
2013 Metamorphose, Goethe Institut, Toulouse, France
Spurwechsel, Autoforum, Berlin, Germany
2012 Silent Warriors, Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany
2011 Metamorphose, Goethe Institut, Brest, France
Metamorphose, Goethe Institut, Nancy, France
Metamorphose, Goethe Institut, Bordeaux, France
Metamorphose, Goethe Institut, Lion, France
Metamorphose, Goethe Institut, Paris, France
Face to Face, Lumas Gallery, New York, USA
Forever Green, Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art, Salt Spring Island, BC
Face to Face, Lumas Gallery, Vienna, Austria
Silent Warriors, Chemainus Gallery, Chemainus, BC,
2010 New Work, Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art, Salt Spring Island, BC
Silent Warriors, Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art, Salt Spring Island, BC
Silent Warriors, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregon
Eric Klemm 2004-2010, Mahon Hall, Salt Spring Island, BC
Silent Warriors, Luz Gallery, Victoria, BC
2008 Toronto International Art Fair, with Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto ON
New Work, Odon Wagner Contemporary, Feature Exhibition in the CONTACT
Toronto Photography Festival, Toronto, ON
2007 Toronto International Art Fair, with Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto ON
New Work, Art Spring Gallery, Salt Spring Island, BC
2006 Metamorphosis, Foto & Photo Photography Festival, Cesano Maderno, Milan, Italy
Resonance, Photographic Center NW, Seattle, USA
2006 Impressions on the Land, Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto, ON
Metamorphosis, Foto Fest, 2006 Biennial, Houston, Texas, USA
Back Alleys, Gallery Jones, Vancouver, BC
Kipton Art at Maurice Villency, New York, USA
2005 Metamorphosis, Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto, ON
Metamorphosis, Gallery Jones, Vancouver, BC
1968 Fotografien, Sole d’Oro, Heidelberg, Germany

Media – Radio and TV

SR2 TV Saarbruecken, Germany, has aired a second short titled: “Direkt Dabei”- Jochen Marmit and
Alan Bibby are following Eric Klemm with their video camera in his studio and in and around
his home on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. November 2012, 6 1/2 minutes (2012)
Eric Klemm, Artist Portrait, 6 1/2 minutes SR2 Kulturradio/Aktuelle Kultur – Feature by Jochen
Marmit,camera Alan Bibby (2012)
SWR Fernsehen, Germany, Nachtkultur, Sabine Willkop (2010)
Suedwestfunk, Aktuelle Kultur Fernsehen, Baden Baden, Germany (2010)
CBC Newsworld, “The Weekend Scene” with Jelena Adzic (2008)
Fashion Television, Featured in Glen Baxter’s coverage of the CONTACT Photography Festival (2008)
CBC Radio1 Vancouver, Interview with Cheryl McKay for “North by Northwest” (2007)
BRAVO! fact, short on Eric Klemm’s Metamorphosis project by the Vancouver film maker Jennifer
Rashleig (2006)

Selected International Media

Prime Russian Magazine, Large spread from the “Pastorale” project, Moscow, Russia (2012)
English life style magazine SPHERE publishes a 6 page spread of images from “Silent Warriors” (2012)
IO DONNA, weekend supplement of Il Corriere della Sera, Milan, Italy, “Italian Journey” (2010)
Flash Flood, Santa Fee, New Mexico, “Silent Warriors”, an interview with Melany McWorther (2010)
American Journal, Berlin, Germany, “Silent Warriors” (2010)
The Globe & Mail, Toronto, Canada, “Silent Warriors” Column by Gary M. Dault (2010)
SNOECKS Magazine, Brussels, Belgium, “Silent Warriors” (2010)
Burda Media, Germany, “Die zehn ausgefallensten Bildbaende”, “Silent Warriors”/Steidl (2010)
Daily Telegraph, Visual Arts Blog, London, UK, “Silent Warriors” (2010)
ARTE Magazine, the printed magazine of the distinguished German/French TV channel for the arts,
“Silent Warriors” an interview with Diane Aust (2010)
STERN Magazine, Germany, “Silent Warriors”, 14 page spread, text: Jan Wiechmann,
New York (2009)
DER SPIEGEL, Hamburg, Germany, “Silent Warriors”, text: Thorsten Doerting (2010)
Hamburger Morgenpost, Hamburg, Germany, “Silent Warriors”, book review (2009)
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Designers Digest, Hamburg, Germany, “Silent Warriors”, text: by Klaus Tiedge (2008)
Designers Digest, Hamburg, Germany, “Florabundance, text: by Klaus Tiedge (2008)
EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHY, Berlin, Germany, “Silent Warriors” (2008)
Toronto Star, “Beyond Photography”, article on the CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival (2008)
Eye Weekly, Toronto, Canada, “Silent Warriors” (2008)
The Globe & Mail, Toronto, Canada, “A Rorschach test of Pencil Shavings”, column by
Gary Michael Dault (2008)
ARGYLE Magazine, Toronto, Canada, “Silent Warriors” (2008)
Photo Magazine Romania, (Bucharest), featured Eric Klemm as “Photographer of the Month” with a 14
page spread of “Silent Warriors” (2007)
ESQUIRE Magazine Russia featured the “Silent Warriors” series on 3 pages (2007)
PREFIX PHOTO, Toronto, Canada, “The Incidental Landscape”, essay by Gary Michael Dault (2005)
The Globe & Mail, Toronto, Canada, “Metamorphosis”, column by Gary Michael Dault (2005)
The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, BC, Canada, “Metamorphosis”, by John Mackie (2005)
International Flash Art Magazine, critic of Eric’s “Metamorphosis” exhibition at Gallery Jones,
Vancouver, written by Dion Kliner (2005)


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FLORABUNDANCE, Bitsch Verlag, Germany, (2009)
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Catalogue of SNAP 2009, Live Auction Collection (2009)
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Lucy Awards Coffee Table Book (2008)
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Photographers (2006)
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Museum Collections

Portland Art Museum, Oregon, USA
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC
National Portrait Gallery, London, GB
Saarland Museum, Saarbrucken, Germany